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   Garden Turfing 

Laying a new lawn or sowing grass seed requires some careful preparation ensuring a level and graded platform for your new turf or grass seed. 

Our team of professionals will prepare and carefully lay turf or sow grass seed providing you with a great looking and hard wearing lawn. 

We only use  Rolawn Medallion® Turf 

A high quality, multi-purpose turf for a healthy, green and hard wearing lawn.

The turf is easy to install, establishing roots quickly, enabling you to have a lawn to use in less than one month! 

This is why people chose us to supply and lay’ their turf.

Ongoing care is vital to the success of your new lawn and we would recommend that newly laid turf should not be cut until the turf roots have knitted into the soil. Initial mowing of new lawns should be light, never cut grass too short as this can damage the grass plant, “little and often” is best.Regular mowing, feeding and weeding will ensure your lawn remains in top condition.

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