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Stump Grinding Service

Tree stump removal by Bournemouth Tree Stump Grinding Service

Your Local Tree Stump Removal Specialist.

  • Reliable, Qualified & Fully Insured for Tree Stump Grinding
  • Professional Tree Stump removal.
  • Modern and efficient machinery.
  • Any size of Tree Stump ground out.
  • Minimum ground disturbance.

Tree Stumps are removed to well below ground level.

Trees that are blown over after a storm may be easy enough to have removed; however, they often leave an unsightly stump in the yard. Besides being unattractive, tree stumps take up space and can cause hazards to pedestrians to trip and fall, particularly when large roots are protruding. Stumps can also become homes for rodents and food for termites.

We have a heavy duty tree stump grinder for removing small to large tree stumps up to 22” above and 13” below ground level.

Our stump grinders size gives it the ability to operate in tight working conditions such as back gardens with small access gates.

Our narrow access tree stump grinder can be taken practically anywhere.

Reducing tree stumps to mulch which is left for compost or use elsewhere in your garden.

Call Bournemouth Stump Grinding Service for a Free Quote

Let us know

1. The number of tree stumps.

2. The Diameter at ground level of each Stump.

3. The approx height above the ground of each stump.

4. Is the access flat? Are there any walls, steps, slopes or raised areas in the way?

5. Access passages must be wide enough and unobstructed.

We will then make an appointment to visit your property and grind your tree stumps.

Bournemouth Stump Grinding Service available from £30

Once a stump has been ground out and is a pile of wood chips, the chips can be used as a mulch or compost.

The grinding process will prevent re-growth of most trees.